Animation is great!

I have been working with animation for a few years and now I am focusing on Logo Animation.

Top brands are using animation to accentuate and enhance their online presence. Animation makes a website look more professional and more fun!

Animated logos can be used on websites, in videos, email signatures, ads, newsletters, blog posts, to connect with your audience, attract attention quickly and help your brand come to life.

I can animate your logo or signature.

Dana Pride animated signature

Recent Animation Projects

Logo Animation Demo Reel

Animated Logo for LeBayBay

Animated Logo for Point of Sale Max

Animated Logo for Everlasting Publishing

Golden Reveal of UW GEAR UP Logo

Animated Logo for UW GEAR UP

TRICK-or-TREAT Traveling Stroke

Dancing Letters for Lettering Animation Course

Animated Infographic for UW GEAR UP

Animated Infographic in Spanish